about Emo Farm

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Vibrant cover digital printed
8 interior pages / coloring & activity pages 
sticker sheet 5" x  7"
Welcome All! 

Color outside of what's expected with “Emo Farm”, a coloring book tribute for black kids who wear their eyeliner smudged.

“Emo Farm” is for the black kids who never saw themselves represented in the subculture. Parents who wanted their kids to feel connected to their fullest sentiments can relate- this subculture was born from their own.

This coloring and activity book is filled with 18 entertaining pages of adorable emo kids and a band who hang out with animals on a farm. The characters have hair of different textures and faces that vary in features so you are free to color what is familiar to you. The book also includes a sticker sheet with 8 stickers of all the farm animals. Let this book pull you (back) into the emo scene.

-CF Jones
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