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Hello and welcome my website!
Let’s talk to each other:)

  Kelechi Azu is a cartoonist, art teacher and (self-titled) novelty designer in Philadelphia, PA.   A lot of Kelechi’s projects have been centered around music, comedy, creativity, education and beautiful portrayals of African American people. She’s currently working towards her master’s in teaching at Rutgers University and the Emo Farm comic, based off her coloring book of the same name.

Kelechi studied sculpture at Temple University, where she founded Creative People of Color Collective October 2015 which is now called Artist of Color Collective.
In spring 2017, she was the recipient of the Future Alumni Leader Award and featured in the Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity at Temple. That summer, she completed the Fibers and Material Studies Post BFA Residency at Tyler School of Art.
In 2018 she worked at Spiral Q as a Teaching Artist in West Philadelphia for the Peoplehood parade. 
She now creates her art in her home studio and works as a substitute teacher for the Philadelphia School District.  

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