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My second calling is to teach art. I enjoy developing lesson plans that encourage students to consider every possible creative avenue and venture. Besides that, it is important  to me to glorify the creative process while showing them something new.

Here are a few projects I've worked on with students over the years.

Button Making

Making pinback badges is a popular activity. It encourages collaboration and welcomes people of all skill levels. This activity also helps to break the ice when I meet new students.

ages 5-17

Comics & Story Telling
When I was an artist in resident at The Print Center, I developed at lesson plan on creating comics about closure. Students were able to recall a story or past experience and create the ending in a comic format using collage.

ages 16-17
Basic Sewing
Sewing is an essential yet transformative skill. I did my best to simplify the sewing process for the age group I was working with. They used plastic needles, thread, and felt with holes punched in it. The students in the photos had the option of designing a hat, selecting a color of felt, thread, and overall design.

ages 7-8

Print Making
Printmaking is a fun subject to teach because it is hands-on as well as teaches the fundamentals of printmaking. Many younger generations are unaware of the history of print, and I like to use the Styrofoam stamp method to introduce them to it.

ages 5-8
I give the class 5 minutes before each lesson to do a warm-up drawing to get the "creative juices from your brain, down to your arm, and onto the page!" (This is what I usually tell them!)

ages 5 -any age

Making stickers is another popular activity for students of all ages. It allows them to be creative without having to make a large commitment to a design.
In the photos the students were asked to doodle on sticker paper, after which I would cut out the border and they could choose where they wanted their sticker to live.

age 8

Paper Mache
Paper mache is a form of sculpture that can be used in the classroom. I had the pleasure of working with for Sprial Q on their Puppet Parade, Education Works' after school program, and my McDaniel Elementary 2nd grade class on a variety of assignments.

age 7-8

Screen Printing

I choose to work with older students when it comes to screen printing because the process is both rewarding and sensitive.
The process also encourages students to concentrate on the process and to be self-disciplined. I see it as a win-win!

ages 16-17
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